Braves Beat Writer David O’Brien Moves To The Athletic

Braves Beat Writer David O'Brien Moves To The Athletic

Braves Beat Writer David O’Brien Moves To The Athletic

Braves Beat Writer David O’Brien Moves To The Athletic!

Braves Beat Writer David O'Brien Moves To The Athletic

On Tuesday the Athletic launched their Atlanta division to their online sports site.

The Athletic Atlanta will cover the following Atlanta sports teams:  Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Atlanta United FC, Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets.

With this launch means adding additional sports writers that cover the sports teams in Atlanta, Georgia.

One such sports writer is David O’Brien.  He has been the Braves beat writer for the AJC.

Here is the reason O’Brien joined the Athletic:

Braves Beat Writer David O'Brien Moves To The AthleticIt’s just that I missed having the time to really write, to craft in-depth, entertaining, informative stories about the Braves on a regular basis, rather than writing something like that perhaps once every couple of weeks on an off day or an occasional morning blog before the daily churn began again.

For more of David O’Brien’s new adventure with the Athletic click here to go to his article on the Athletic (Subscription Required)!

Braves Beat Writer David O’Brien Moves To The Athletic!

As a Braves fan I have always enjoyed David’s insight on the Braves.   David give us Braves fans more insight on our beloved Atlanta Braves.  It should not matter if we agree or disagree with a certain point that he may be trying to make.

Some fans may say they have an easy job and anyone could do it.  I think these people would change their mind if they were to follow them around and really see what they do.

Don’t get me wrong I­­­’m sure it is an enjoyable job, but it can be a grind at the same time.

The one thing that must be hard is the time away from family.  Braves beat writers and reporters are on the road for half of the games played in the year.  They also must keep in touch with Braves news and information during the off season.

One of the things as a fan I enjoy is following all the beat writers on Twitter.

You get to know the person a little better and see what all they do to bring us the information we want to here.

That is the reason Atlanta Dugout Talk was established.  To give Braves fans information from all the Braves beat writers and reporters.  We wanted to have a place where you can see all the tweets from these writers and reporters at one place.

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Braves Beat Writer David O’Brien Moves To The Athletic!

I really noticed what our Braves beat writers do is when my brother and I started going to spring training in Orlando, Florida.

We always go to the game real early, so we can watch them take batting practice.  They are there already doing their job on the field.

Just think about the hours that they spend at the ballpark everyday during spring training and during the season.

They have deadlines that they have to come up with stories about the game and players every day.

  • The writers and reporters are at the ballpark early before the game, during the game and then after game getting comments from the players and the manager.
  • Then they finish their article or report, and have it posted.
  • They do this for every game.
  • I can see where it is difficult to write an in-depth article about the Braves. 
  • You just don’t have the time to do the research and then write the article.

I encourage you to subscribe to the Athletic, so you can have a more in-depth view of our Atlanta Braves from David O’Brien and other Braves writers.

Also, if you are not following David on twitter be sure to do that.  You can always come back to our website Atlanta Dugout Talk!  We will have his and other Braves beat writers twitter feed on the right sidebar of every page on our website.

I encourage everyone to reach out to all our Braves beat writers.  Let them know how much we appreciate their hard work and time spent giving us quality information about our Braves.

So Congratulations to David O’Brien on his new venture at the Athletic!

Chop On Braves Country!

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–Bob Griggs | Atlanta Dugout Talk